Terms and Conditions 2023.

These terms and conditions will be applied to activity related to www.gravesendmarkettraders.co.uk


The Website

www.gravesendmarkettraders.co.uk  is an independent website established by a group of traders with no connection to the management of Gravesham Borough Market or Gravesham Council.

www.graveshammarkettraders.co.uk inclusion is not compulsory and the website may not feature all regular traders in the space. 

www.gravesendmarkettraders.co.uk has been created as a public space to promote those independently trading within Gravesham Borough Market and within the collective.

www.gravesendmarkettraders.co.uk will be used as an advertising space for any special events managed by or approved for inclusion by the trader collective. 

Any such advertising shall be temporary and promotional information will be removed after each event.

The Collective

The trader collective shall comprise of members who meet the following criteria

  • Trade in Gravesham Borough Market regularly*

The trader collective shall be defined as those members featured on www.gravesendmarkettraders.co.uk at any point in time.

The collective may not include 100% of regular traders. Businesses and individuals may choose not to join the collective. Businesses and traders may not be included if it is considered by the collective that the values and attitudes are not aligned with those expected.

New members will be considered for inclusion on www.gravesendmarkettraders.co.uk following  a period of regular* trading over a minimum of 3 months.

Members will be removed from the collective and www.gravesendmarkettraders.co.uk should there be an extended period of  irregular or no trading over 3 consecutive months.

The Collective have discretion to consider extension or continuation of inclusion on the www.gravesendmarkettraders.co.uk  under circumstances agreed by the majority of the collective.

The trader collective shall mutually agree the inclusion or removal of any additional traders.

*Regular/Regularly shall be defined as a minimum of twice a month over 9 months of the year.

Website Links

Information and links pertaining to individual traders will be supplied by the trader,  are accurate at the time of publishing and remain the responsibility of the trader.

All products promoted and sold by the traders remain the responsibility of that trader. No responsibility is taken for these items by the website www.gravesendmarkettraders.co.uk or its administrators.

Website Administration

The website and content shall be moderated by the trader collective.

The website shall be updated by the administrator.

Joining the Collective

Requests for inclusion on www.gravesendmarkettraders.co.uk should be made via the website contact us page or by talking to a member of the collective whilst trading.


There is no cost applied to the operation of www.gravesendmarkettraders.co.uk for its first 12 months of operation February 2023 to January 2024. The domain and website have been donated to the collective for this period.

This position is subject to review for future years.

Decisions on any future funding costs will be made by the collective.