Moore Crafts by Lin &Vic

About Us

Moore Crafts by Lin and Vic is a family affair. 

We are Mum (Lin) and daughter (Vic) and we hand make and hand select items and gifts that we need or like in the hope that you do to. 

We started selling items 8 years ago because we just love to make and needed an outlet to justify continued crafting. 

All our items are affordably priced with nothing over £15, in fact most items are under £5. 

The items we sell aren't produced in large numbers, this means our stock is always interesting, changing and as unique as our customers. We are also not limited to the traditional styles or fabric combinations, however unfortunately we are not able to provide a personalisation service.

Those items that are hand selected are picked because, either they aren't easily available elsewhere or just because we really like them and think you will like them too.  

We try to avoid plastic packaging and to sell items ready to be gifted. 

We aren't averse to a challenge either. We have sourced various items over the years including Ferret pins, Turtle brooches and business card holders. Don't be afraid to ask if there is something specific you are looking for. We can't promise we will be able to find a solution but I am sure we will enjoy trying.

Ultimately our items are made, selected and sold with love and the proceeds of any sales are reinvested in more crafting materials. We really enjoy doing markets and craft fairs as we get to meet our customers and other traders whilst spending some quality time together.

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We can be found on dates published above in Gravesham Borough Market and via our website.